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bluenode Sketch for Confluence

The power of SVG with the simplicity of a pencil: Create sketches in Confluence with a few clicks.

Getting Started

  1. Install bluenode Sketch for Confluence from Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Open a Confluence page for editing
  3. Place the cursor at a place in the document where you would like to insert a sketch
  4. Select Sketch from the Insert menu
  5. Start drawing
  6. When you are done click Save in the drawing dialog
  7. Save the page and admire your work

How It Works

The add-on provides a "Sketch" macro which allows you to add sketches in the page editor. The drawings you create are saved as SVG file attachments to the page.


Confluence 4.2 or higher, SVG-capable browser (IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome) for editing and for display.